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New Restrictions – May 4th 2021

The Alberta medical police state has arrived: Schools and many businesses closed Punishment and fines doubled ”Tougher enforcement protocols” Churches and funerals targeted It’s time to fight back. Here’s my response to Jason Kenney and the UCP government.... For...

Kenney is Drinking Trudeau’s Pipeline Koolaid

View original article on the Nation Telegraph Website Paul Hinman, Interim Leader, Wildrose Independence Party of Alberta Enough is enough. It is time for action on pipelines. The partisan political cancellation of the Keystone XL pipeline for the 2nd time, the...

MLA accountability is not optional!

Let’s be clear, all the Alberta MLAs that left the country knew full well there was minimal danger in traveling and being out in the public, or they would have stayed home. Second, this means they also know Jason Kenney’s lockdown is causing more harm than the virus....

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