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Below is a form letter to send the Premier Kenney and all the UCP MLAs to demand that they FREE PASTOR COATES!

Just fill out your name and location in the form below and it will auto fill the following letter and send the email for you.

You can also phone the Premier’s office (780-427-2251) and the Solicitor General Kaycee Madu’s office (780-427-2339) and demand the Pastor’s release. 

Free Pastor James Coates!

Premier Kenney, Solicitor General Madu and UCP MLAs,

I am personally disgusted with the arrest and the continued jailing of Pastor James Coates due to your government’s repressive and unconstitutional Covid-19 regulations. He must be freed immediately and be allowed his Constitutional right to resume preaching until his trial date!

I further request the withdrawal of the regulations under which this arrest was made, and that Pastor Coates receive compensation and an apology for the cruel and unusual treatment which he has received.

Since the Covid-19 outbreak criminals have been released early from prison allegedly to reduce their risk of getting Covid-19. This makes the continued imprisonment of Pastor Coates, even more outrageous.  End this shameful behaviour now.

If you ignore this message, I will support and volunteer for your political opponents to ensure that you and your colleagues are never elected to public office again.

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