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MLA accountability is not optional!

Jan 6, 2021 | Editorials

Let’s be clear, all the Alberta MLAs that left the country knew full well there was minimal danger in traveling and being out in the public, or they would have stayed home. Second, this means they also know Jason Kenney’s lockdown is causing more harm than the virus.

There’s no point in denying it, since they voted with their feet.

It’s time for every elected United Conservative MLA to have the courage to truly represent the Albertans who elected them and who are being harmed by their government’s lockdown. This means they need to grow a spine and announce that they’ll be sitting as independents until Premier Kenney both lifts the lockdown and passes recall legislation. It’s time to return freedom to Albertans and finally bring the legislative accountability that every UCP MLA promised. No more excuses!

Lastly, to the hypocritical jet-set MLAs who have now returned to Alberta, they should let their home constituency voters decide their fate. No recall legislation is even needed for these MLAs. They can simply pledge to abide by an Elections Alberta verified petition. If 50% plus one of those who voted in the last election sign a petition to recall them in the space of 90 days, then these MLAs should honour their voter’s wishes, resign and allow a by-election in their riding. They are free to run again if they wish.

According to the votes cast in the last Alberta election, here is how many voters would need to sign the recall petition in each of the jet-set MLA ridings:

Grande Prairie, 10,088

Calgary-Klein, 10,999

Lesser Slave Lake, 5,092

Calgary – Peigan, 11,160

Red Deer South, 13,397

Fort McMurray Wood Buffalo, 7,227

MLA accountability is not optional! Freedom must be restored to Alberta!

Paul Hinman,
Leader, Wildrose Independence Party of Alberta