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New Restrictions – May 4th 2021

May 4, 2021 | Editorials

The Alberta medical police state has arrived:
Schools and many businesses closed
Punishment and fines doubled
”Tougher enforcement protocols”
Churches and funerals targeted
It’s time to fight back. Here’s my response to Jason Kenney and the UCP government….

For Immediate Release

May 4, 2021

Covid Kenney’s announcement today of more draconian and unconstitutional restrictions for Albertans is unacceptable and wrong. It is clear that we are now living under a repressive government that shows little regard for the physical, mental or financial wellbeing of the large majority of Albertans.

Now that Kenney has announced to his caucus that his traditional supporters are “disturbing” to him and he wants “a new base”, it’s time for all of the 17 MLAs who wrote the letter against the earlier lockdowns to immediately leave the UCP Caucus and demand an end to Kenney’s authoritarian insanity.

Writing letters and virtue signaling isn’t enough. Only walking away from Kenney’s unhinged regime will truly protect the freedoms of voters who most definitely DID NOT vote to have a medical police state imposed on them here in Alberta.

Kenney failed to act responsibly by implementing the Alberta emergency plan which was developed by experts like Lieutenant Colonel David Redman, who stated that thousands of lives would have been saved and most of the collateral damage done with these lockdowns would have been avoided had Kenney simply followed the plan.

With so much carnage from Kenney’s failed policies, the best option moving forward is to change directions completely.  I suggest following the successful strategy used by Governor Ron DeSantis of Florida who has boldly ended all Covid restrictions everywhere in the State and has completely prohibited the use of any “vaccine passports” by both government and private institutions in Florida. Since taking a stand for liberty, Covid-19 cases in Florida have dropped and their economy and society are the winners.

Healthcare is a 100% provincial jurisdiction, so it is well within the rights of Alberta to take full control when dealing with this crisis. It is time to fight back against Trudeau and Kenney’s Covid fear mongering which is systematically stripping away the freedom of every citizen. It is time to respect our Constitutional rights. 

No to lockdowns. 

No to shutting down schools, churches and businesses.

No to masking our children and isolating them from friends and activities.

No to fear mongering with bogus high-cycle PCR “cases” and “variants”.

No to vaccine passports.

Yes to MLAs walking away from Kenney’s UCP lockdown-caucus.

Yes to medical choice and informed consent.

Yes to focused protection for the most vulnerable 

Yes to Alberta “Strong and Free”!


Paul Hinman