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Our Opportunity

I want to work with you to write the next chapter of opportunity for our great city.

Getting Calgarians Back to Work

Calgary’s economic recovery and renewed economic prosperity starts with activating a long-term plan that helps our existing businesses thrive and expand. We need to bring back a business-friendly environment that tells the world that we are open for business. Positive change starts with reining in taxes, simplifying approvals, eliminating unnecessary bureaucracy and attracting new jobs to our city.

Calgarians are hard-working, smart, and entrepreneurial and I know that together we can do this. We need to do this for our children so that they can have the same opportunities that we had growing up here or moved here for.


Prioritizing Spending

I am championing a high-performance government. Our City Hall leadership must follow the lead of Calgary families and business owners who have made difficult but necessary decisions through these challenging times.

The City’s budget has grown at a much faster pace than population or inflation. Even with all this spending, there is no increase in service; in some cases, there has been a decrease in service. It is time for more responsible spending and focus on priorities that matter most to our citizens. I am focused on meaningful investments that translate into safer streets, free movement of goods and commuters, and an attractive business environment.


Reining in Taxes

We need to rein in the City’s ever-increasing budget and give Calgarians a break on taxes. Calgarians deserve a financially responsible municipal government, one that relieves the tax burden, not makes it worse, especially during unprecedented times like the COVID-19 pandemic.

Wisely investing in Calgary’s financial future means living within our means and focusing on needs rather than wants. Raising residential and non-residential taxes year-after-year is not sustainable, this is even more important at a time of economic and social hardships that we are living in right now.


Better Core Services

Calgarians deserve a highly effective municipal government that offers its citizens good value for money. We need to get back to basics and see an improvement on the delivery of our core services. That starts with a high-performance government that will deliver their core services in an efficient and cost-effective way.

I envision well-maintained streets, parks and infrastructure, common-sense garbage/recycling/compost schedules, an affordable city-wide transit system and efficient snow clearing. I envision safe and clean communities for everyone, not just for one group at the expense of another. Our water and electrical services must be maintained and delivered efficiently along with thoughtful investments to ensure the reliability of clean water and an abundance of power to run a modern city for generations to come. 


A Safer Community

Calgarians deserve a safe city that protects them, their loved ones, and their property. I am committed to prioritizing the safety of every Calgarian.

It has been a challenging time for Calgarians as well as our front-line services who are trying their best to respond. I will always stand up for our police officers and all First Responders because the investment in these important services are a direct investment in our communities. Safety and security are important to ensure that Calgary can be a vibrant and attractive place to live, raise a family, run a successful business and attract new residents.


A Hand-Up for Struggling Calgarians

It is important to help everyone during this difficult time – from struggling businesses, to families, to seniors, to students, and our vulnerable neighbours. 

Every Calgarian deserves a meaningful and dignified life. We need to start by making life more affordable, boosting our economy and a creating new opportunities to create a greater quality of life for everyone.


Greater Transparency and Accountability

Transparency and accountability at City Hall should be the rule, not the exception. Calgarians should have easy access to voting records and documents to fully understand how their representatives are conducting public business and spending public money.

I have advocated for term limits and recall because elected office should not be a career, it should be a service. I will also continue to champion genuine public engagement. I hear from citizens all the time who attend the City’s open houses, public engagement sessions or respond to surveys and feel like decisions are made before public engagement even takes place. City council works for Calgarians, not the other way around.


New Leadership

Giving Calgarians the same hope and opportunities to succeed that I had growing up in this city is important to me. City Hall is in dire need of real change and we have a window of opportunity to turn things around in this city. The time is now for a fresh set of ideas, a forward-thinking mayor who will listen to you and someone who will get this city back on its feet through responsible, collaborative, and bold leadership. Most Calgarians won’t get generous benefits or pensions when they retire and that’s why I turned down my pension and transition allowance because I do believe in leading by example.

Calgarians need to know that here and now, there is an alternative to the old ways of doing things. I will never give up or give in when it comes to standing up for Calgarians and will always work hard for hardworking Calgarians.